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Patient Satisfaction Survey

At Brundall Dental Practice we want to ensure that we listen to our patients and to improve on areas where this may be required.  We recently undertook a patient survey* and the results are below:

Visited dentist within last 12 months 100%
How many days do you have to wait to book your appointment? 82% within 5 days
Provided Sufficient information? 92% all/most of the time
Seen early or on time for appointment?

Less than 5 minutes waiting time

Between 5 – 20 minutes

Waiting more than 20 mins





Did the dentist answer most/all of your questions if asked? 96%
Did the dentist take the right action to deal with your visit? 100%
Do the opening times allow for convenient appointments? 100%
Does your dentist treat you with respect and courtesy? 92% all/most of the time
Can you get through to the practice at first attempt? 68% all/most of the time
Are Receptionist helpful? 100% all/most of the time
Have you felt like making a complaint in the last 12 months? 100% said no
Other comments:
Always excellent service” “Al;ways friendly” “Very good practice, never nay complaints, we are very fortunate to have a great practice in the village” “Locum dentist we saw was really good and a shame that he is not permanent”  “I consider myself very fortunate to be attending the practice with all the staff so kind, helpful and professional” “very efficient and friendly” “Absolutely brilliant receptionists, very helpful and understanding, always go above and beyond and try to find an appointment that suits, they do not mind how many appointments they have to tell you before they find one that suits.  Always exceptionally clean and welcoming”

We are looking at how we can improve the waiting time in the practice – sometimes it is unavoidable due to emergency appointments and/or treatment taking longer than originally envisaged due to complications.

We are looking at a second Receptionist to be able to deal with the telephone and patients waiting


 *50 patients completed survey 9/18
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